Versa-Lift Machine Relocation




The Versa-Lift forklift range offers reliability and versatility when moving large machinery, with Midland Machinery’s fleet containing three models, the 25/35, 40/60 and 60/80, the numbers referring to each model’s capacity with and without the frame extension.


Often a combination of these forklifts are needed to complete a move. In this case the machine was a press, weighing approximately 20 tons, which needed transferring back to a client having been refurbished. What made this lift different was that it involved an uplift, a layover and a load.


The complex lift of the machine involved two Versa-Lifts, a 60/80 and a 25/35, which were used to raise each end of the machine to different heights (uplift) to position it horizontally. The machine was then rested at this angle on railway sleepers (layover) to allow the chains of the two Versa-Lifts to be removed and adjusted. The two forklifts then lifted the machine again to enable it to be lowered onto a flatbed truck, where it was strapped down with rachet straps.


This lift demonstrated the skill and capability of the team and equipment, to carry out a complex lift on time and deliver the machine to the client on time and in perfect condition.

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